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Caring and commited


Julia Zerihun

Early learning specialist and board member

An early development specialist, Julia, is committed to helping children explore and learn in a practical setting. Nothing brings her greater happiness than seeing the growth and development of her little students. Julia is also engaged in advertising and informational work in our organisation and mobilising volunteers.

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Maria Kuznecova

Teacher / MA linguistics

Maria shows genuine love in teaching children and uses a practical approach to learning. We are very happy to have such a high standard specialist in our team. Maria is completely dedicated to work and is very loved by children.

Karina Makarkina

Creative development teacher / Event co-ordinator

and board member

Karina has a contagious enthusiasm, which she is happy to share with her students. Goodwill, creativity and a endless ​​energy - that's what sets her apart. The teacher of creative development is exactly the position where she can use her potential. Karina also organises parties and events.


Olena Yanchuk

Early learning specialist / Board member

An early development specialist, Olena, believes that knowledge is not the only thing that children receive in our club. Equally important is the atmosphere of trust, respect, humour and the value of intelligence, which she always supports. Olena is also overseeing financial and administrative work in our organisation.

Volunteer / Board member

Adrian devotes a lot of his time to our organisation and was directly involved in its formation. Adrian believes that volunteering is very necessary for organisations such as ours and helps the volunteers themselves in self-realisation. Adrian is also involved in important projects and administrative work.

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